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Youth Programs

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Family Programs

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Professional Programs

Our mission is to engage youth through positive youth development and evidence-based practices; strengthen families through education and therapeutic support; and build communities by fostering resilience and positive social engagement.

YES Program

The Interactive Online Y.E.S. Program (Youth Educational Shoplifting Program) delivers proven-effective shoplifter education in a specifically structured environment.

(SAZ) Seabrook Adventure Zone

Partnership between SYS and the Seabrook Middle School to provide after-school and summer programming.

Student Assistance

The Student Assistance Program is a short – term educational, counseling and referral service for students that may be experiencing obstacles to academic or behavioral success in school.

(ASAP) Adolescent Substance Abuse Program

Seacoast Youth Services offers an Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) for young people with early and mid-level substance abuse issues who are not in need of inpatient or residential treatment.

Parent Support Group

Provides parents, regardless of their situation, with education and support through group discussions and facilitated forums.