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Seacoast Youth Services offers positive youth development programs to coastal New Hampshire youth and their families.
Our goal is to reach all those who can benefit from our programs, including youth and family members who typically do not receive services.

Seacoast Youth Services, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency based in Seabrook, NH.

vic maloney youth counselor in nh

Vic Maloney Executive Director

Vic helped found Seacoast Youth Services in 2001. The agency was initially created to provide youth and their families a “second chance” to address negative social behaviors and to avoid involvement with the court system. Over the years, the agency has grown in response to the community need for prevention, intervention and treatment services for teens struggling with mental health and/or substance misusing behaviors. With one of the largest after school programs and the only co-occurring adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program in the region, school based therapists, and contracts to provide numerous state services in both Rockingham and Strafford Counties, SYS is serving many youth that otherwise could fall through the cracks.

"Most adults agree about the kinds of things that are important for them to do for the young people in their lives: encourage success in school, set boundaries, teach shared values, teach respect for cultural differences, guide decision making, give financial guidance, and so on. However, for a myriad of reasons, many adults lack the skills necessary to provide the guidance and support young people need, particularly during adolescence. When children and families are struggling and out of control, they really need someone in their corner. SYS's clinicians and staff try to be that person by providing youth and families support, guidance, education, and resources they need to implement positive change. It is my hope that working with SYS will provide youth and their families the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to be successful."

scott bleakley youth clinical coordinator in nh

Scott Bleakley LICSW

Scott joined Seacoast Youth Services in 2004 and currently serves as Clinical Coordinator. He holds a MSW from University of New England and specializes in solution-focused counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety and depressive disorders, and behavioral skills training for the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Scott has been treating children, adolescents, adults and families in his private practice since 2002. He has a close working relationship with a number of local school districts, collaborating frequently with special education personnel, guidance counselors, and administrators while assisting and advocating for his patient's needs, especially in the areas of assessment and implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 plans.

In his free time, Scott enjoys participating in sports as both a player and a coach.

"The most satisfying thing about working at SYS is being part of something that started at a true grassroots level and being part of the evolution that the program is today."

scott bleakley youth clinical coordinator in nh
barry timmerman mladc youth counselor in nh

Barry Timmerman LCMHC, MLADC

Barry has worked with adults, adolescents and children for 26+ years in a variety of settings including residential, outpatient, schools and community-based prevention and treatment programs. He has provided assessment and counseling to clients of all ages with a wide range of emotional issues including ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, co-dependency, addictive disorders and co-occurring disorders. Barry specializes in the assessment and individual/group treatment of adolescents through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and other evidence-based practices. He forges connections with reluctant participants through patience and respect, combined with elements of mindfulness and unconditional positive regard. Barry utilizes a strength-based, client-centered, humanistic approach to helping others develop healthier coping skills, regardless of their age or resources.

“I love working with the creative and energetic SYS staff.”

sarah fetras youth mental health counselor in nh

Sarah Fetras LCMHC, M.Ed.

Sarah joined Seacoast Youth Services in 2015 and currently serves as the Director of the Odyssey Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Sarah holds a M. Ed. from Cambridge College in Mental Health Counseling and School Adjustment Counseling and specializes in both adolescent and adult populations. She attributes her foundation in group dynamics to the practice of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) at McLean Hospital's Hill Center. Sarah is originally from the Seacoast of New Hampshire and is deeply connected to this community and committed to working with its youth and families.

When away from work, Sarah enjoys spending time with her family, as well as taking advantage of beautiful New England through snowboarding in the winter and running along the beach in the summer.

“Part of what makes working at SYS so amazing is the commitment to local families and the community in which we live and work. This organization has solid roots, and it shows through the staff and their love for this field. Not only do we dedicate ourselves to serving this community, but as a staff we are dedicated to supporting one another."

sarah fetras youth mental health counselor in nh
maria kenney youth development coordinator in nh

Maria Kenney MA

Maria first joined SYS in 2011 and currently serves as both Administrative and Development Director. She holds a MA from New York University and specializes in non-profit management. For more than 25 years, Maria has worked in both the arts and social service sectors.

During her free time, Maria enjoys following politics and gardening.

“I believe in SYS’ mission and my talented, creative, and devoted colleagues.”

forest carter youth program director in nh

Forrest E Carter Jr M.Ed, SAZ Program Director

Forrest joined SYS in 2011 and currently serves as the Program Director for the Seabrook Adventure Zone (SAZ) after school program. He received a M. Ed. from Plymouth State University and specializes in both physical and adventure education. Additionally, Forrest is a Master’s Level Workshop Trainer through ACROSS NH, an American Red Cross 1stAid/CPR/AED Instructor Certified, and the NH Afterschool Ambassador through the Afterschool Alliance.

When Forrest is not coming up with crazy fun programs and adventures for his youth participants, he loves to travel and explore life’s every opportunity.

“The variety and flexibility of programming opportunities offered by SYS have allowed me to shape Seabrook Adventure Zone into an award winning program.

forest carter youth program director in nh
stephanie wright student assistance counselor in seabrook nh

Stephanie Wright MSW, LICSW, Deputy Director Of SYS

Stephanie joined Seacoast Youth Services in 2006 and recently served as Student Assistant Counselor at both Hampton and Seabrook Middle Schools. She holds a MSW from the University of New Hampshire and is both a Project SUCCESS counselor and a certified prevention specialist. Stephanie's work with SYS, and previous experience in community mental health facilities and a residential home for adolescent boys, have informed her commitment to the therapeutic process and her passion for helping youth and families.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys being in the outdoors hiking, taking trail walks with her crazy lab, and enjoying the local beaches.

"What I love about SYS is that we have a wonderful work family. To me it is about intention and heart. Showing up to work is easy when you are surrounded by people that have a genuine desire to do 'whatever it takes' to help the youth and families they serve.”

julie golkowski youth clinical staff advisor in seabrook nh

Julie Golkowski LCMHC

Julie has been involved with Seacoast Youth Services in multiple capacities for over 10 years and currently serves as Clinical Staff Supervisor. She received her MA in Counseling from New York University and has a professional diploma in Marriage and Family Therapy. Additionally, Julie is an Approved Supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. With over 25 years of serving vulnerable youth and their families, she has a passion for dealing with the effects of trauma on individuals and those who care for them. Julie has been a statewide and national trainer/presenter at conferences covering the fields of resilience, trauma, mentoring, post-traumatic stress disorder, suicide prevention / postvention, and substance abuse. She has also provided training, webinars and consultation to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention grantees, Department of Defense grantees, Child Protective Services, community agencies, and public schools.

In her free time, Julie enjoys ceramic art, painting, yoga and learning.

“It has been a great pleasure to collaborate with Vic Maloney and his wonderful staff and share his passion, mission and vision for helping youth and families.”

julie golkowski youth clinical staff advisor in seabrook nh
olivia therrien youth and mental health services in nh

Olivia Therrien BA

Olivia joined Seacoast Youth Services in June of 2017 as a home- based therapist. She holds a BA from the Colby-Sawyer College and specializing in mental health and family services, crisis intervention, substance abuse, and the foster care system. Olivia has worked with a number of non-profit social service agencies which has provided her with a wide range of professional experience.

In her free time, Olivia enjoys dabbling in photography and enjoying the outdoors. "I believe in Seacoast Youth Service's mission and am honored to be part of their knowledgeable team. The staff has made me feel at home and has taught me an enormous amount in a short period of time.”

hayley parson youth counselor in nh

Hayley Parsons M.Ed.

After obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Hayley received her Master's of Education in Counseling from the University of New Hampshire. Her primary focus throughout her career has been to assist adolescents in identifying the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving success and working collaboratively to identify resources and solutions to reach their goals.

In her free time, Hayley enjoys being outdoors, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

"I am excited to be a part of the Seacoast Youth Services team! I believe in the SYS mission and resonate with the intention to do "whatever it takes" to help youth and their families."

hayley parson youth counselor in nh
sandi bouchard youth counselor in nh

Sandi Bouchard MS

Sandi joined SYS in the fall of 2019 as a home-based therapist. She holds a MS from SNHU in community development and is working towards a master’s level clinical mental health counseling degree at Regent University. Sandi has worked across the Seacoast and throughout NH as a nonprofit leader and community advocate for over 10 years. She has specialized in substance use prevention and recovery working at the grassroots level with community coalitions and at the state level with policy makers.

In her free time, Sandi enjoys spending time in the outdoors with her family camping, hiking, rock-climbing, and traveling.

“I’m honored to work with Vic and the SYS team who are so incredibly dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the lives of youth and families throughout the greater seacoast.”

ross randall headshot - state services youth clinician seacoast new hampshire

Ross Randall MFT

Ross joined Seacoast Youth Services in August 2019 as a State Services clinician, providing home-based family and individual therapy to clients around Seacoast and Lakes Region. He holds a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of New Hampshire, as well as a BA in English Teaching from the University of New Hampshire. Ross is clinically trained in evidence-based practices and provides experiential, solution-focused approaches that help guide families and individuals toward their goals.

Originally from New Hampshire, Ross loves to spend his time outside exploring all the beauty this great state has to offer.

ross randall headshot - state services youth clinician seacoast new hampshire
nicole bouchard headshot-state services marriage & family therapy clinician seacoast new hampshire

Nichole Bouchard MFT

Nicole joined Seacoast Youth Services in August 2019 working in State Services, providing home-based family therapy. She holds a MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of New Hampshire as well as a BS in Psychology from the University of Tampa. Nicole is clinically trained in research-based practices and provides a solution-focused, experiential approach to guide families and individuals towards their goals.

A New Hampshire native, Nicole enjoys spending time in nature whether it's at the beach or in the mountains.

"I am honored to work in an environment that is truly driven towards the success of their clients, as well as their staff. I believe in the SYS mission and its commitment to the Seacoast community."

jennifer bostwick headshot-state services marriage & family therapy clinician seacoast new hampshire

Jennifer Bostwick MS

Jennifer Bostwick is working on a master’s degree with a specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy from the University of New Hampshire. She holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of California-Santa Barbara and a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Latin American Studies from the University of California-Santa Cruz. Her practice includes, individual, family, and couple’s therapy.

Originally from California, Jennifer enjoys spending time her time outdoors, running, hiking and cycling.

jennifer bostwick headshot-state services marriage & family therapy clinician seacoast new hampshire