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Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Program is a short – term educational, counseling and referral service for students that may be experiencing obstacles to academic or behavioral success in school. This confidential service screens for mental health and substance abuse issues and works in collaboration with the guidance department. Referrals to the program are made by the school counselor, students, parents, administration, and teachers.

The Student Assistance Counselor (SAC) meets with students both individually and in groups to offer support, education, short-term counseling and when needed, provides referrals to outside treatment providers. The SAC also helps coordinate universal prevention activities throughout the school year.

One of the specialties of a Student Assistance Program is substance abuse issues. The federal law, 42 CFR Part 2, is a specific law governing the confidentiality of substance abuse records designed to protect the students’ right to privacy and prohibits the disclosure of information without the students’ (age 12 or older) consent. With that said, every effort is made to join with parents/guardians to help address the issues identified when a student discloses behavior involving substance use.

This program is currently available at Hampton Academy and Seabrook Middle School.
Facilitator: Stephanie Wright, MSW, CPS

If there are any questions about the program, please contact Stephanie Wright or phone 603.918.0950.