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As soon as we receive a request for services from a parent or another referral source (such as a JPPO or CPSW) we will contact you within 24 hours and set up an intake to assess the appropriate level/type of services. Once the level/type of service is determined, a clinician (or clinicians) will be assigned to your child and/or family.

Because we offer such a broad spectrum of services, our clients range in age from very young children to mature adults. However, most of our state and IOP services focus on youth aged 14-17 and their families. Additionally, SYS offers individual and family therapy for adults.

Most of our youth clients and their families receive services which are mandated by the state of New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services or through direct referrals following inpatient rehabilitation. Additionally, we offer a weekly support group for parents/grandparents and/or guardians of our youth clients. Individual, marriage, and family counseling services are also available.

All services vary in length. The Odyssey IOP time is driven by insurance and the rate of progress the client is making. We typically receive 15-18 days and may get that extended based upon the clients investment into their treatment.

SYS works with most private insurance companies as well as (Beacon and Cenpatico-Medicaid).

We do provide one-way transportation for youth to our OIOP. Additionally, our home-based therapists (HBT & ISO clinicians) often transport clients and client families to important appointments.

Parents/guardians of a child attending the OIOP are required to attend SYS’s weekly support group. The group, guided by clinicians with expertise in both mental health and substance abuse disorders, not only offers parents and guardians effective coping and parenting strategies, but also provides the opportunity to meet with others who are going through similar struggles. Parents/guardians who cannot attend may be asked to do weekly home based counseling with our staff instead.

Call the office and schedule an appointment. We will never deny services based upon a families inability to pay.